Monday, August 18, 2008

Promotional Items Ready!

After much grueling hard work, the CAIS Project banners, buntings, posters and invitation cards are now ready! On Friday (15 August 2008), we decided to personally take the posters and invitation cards to the school and do a class by class distribution. It was the last day of the high school term before the students leave for their 1 week break, thus we thought that it would be a good time to remind them that when they return, their school would be transformed into an alternative art exhibition space for CAIS where contemporary art pieces of work will spring into live in various corners! Yes, it was an exciting morning waking up at 6am once again (nostalgic of our school days) and find ourselves entering Stella Maris High School in time for the first bell to distribute these items to each student. We would also really like to thank Marge, who is the principal of Stella Maris High School for her permission to do so in short notice.

Following that, we took some time to conduct a survey with the students to gauge their perception and understanding of art before the exhibition in order to conduct a follow up session then after. This was purposed that we may obtain a better understanding on the effectiveness of CAIS when the project is completed. It was really a good time having the opportunity to have a much closer interaction with all of the students at the school and yes, we certainly look forward for more of these when the exhibition starts this 25 August 2008 till the 6 September 2008, 11am - 5pm. The number of response was beyond our expectations and worthwhile indeed.

Shoutout to Stella Maris High School students: Do remember to invite all your friends, family and loved ones to come over to your school during the public viewing days (see invitation card) to witness this project yea!

The Poster:


Anonymous said...

hi there, the poster image is not big enough to read the text.


Hi, thanks for letting us know about this. We have already changed it and you are able to view it really clearly now, just give the image a click.

Sincere thanks,
The CAIS Team

Anonymous said...

ahh much better now, thanks. hope the same can be done for the pictures.. :) j/k