Monday, August 18, 2008

ARTIST's CORNER - Shia Yih Yiing

What is the central concept that governs your work?
The synonymous in the show-off Generation Me and super ego of super hero.

What inspires you? What do you do to get inspired? What inspires your work?
Playfulness. Interaction with my children. Their material world & thoughts.

What engages you as an artist? What issues engages you? Does it drive your direction of work in any particular area?
My interest and will to express and show independently. A Malaysian Chinese in relation to the mother country and world. It inspires me to look into the world of social, politic, design & entertainment.

In your opinion, do you consider yourself a contemporary artist?
No, still learning and exploring.

What do you think is the role of a contemporary artist in society?
Create work strategically to engage the audience to respond, read, interact and trigger their sense and heart.

Do you think art education plays a big role in shaping our future generation/nation building? If yes, how?

What is the most recent book you’ve read?
David Wand’s essay on Chinese authors from Peking, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong.

Do you have a favourite superhero? Who?
Yes. My son, ‘The Flash’.

What would you be doing if you were not an artist?
Adult and children art instructor.

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