Monday, June 22, 2009

CAIS DVD Catalogue/Documentation Completed!

Sincere greetings to all!

We apologize for such a long time of silence but we certainly do hope that all the students and staff at Stella Maris Secondary School are keeping well, and most certainly also to all of you who've constantly checked back on this blog for updates, we do wish you well.

Ever since the completion of the project, most of us were needing to focus back on our various full time vocation, but of course with still much eagerness, we took on the task of completing a DVD Catalogue for CAIS which was very much our intention ever since the beginning of the project. With that, we managed to collect many materials during the course of running CAIS, ie: questionnaires, feedbacks, comments, photos, video etc. With all these precious datas, we then had the task to evaluate, analyse, sort and compile them into a digital catalogue with the purpose of further sharing the vision of the project and to create an awareness of the possibilities of alternative art education within our country. And four months into that since February of 2009, we were finally able to announce to you the completion of CAIS's DVD Catalogue/Documentation! It has 2 components to it: (a) A Full Video Documentary Content playable on any DVD Player and (b) An Interactive Content playable on any computer (Mac) or (Windows).

The DVD is certainly not for sale but with efforts to fundraise both for R.A.P as well as any possible future initiatives to continue on a CAIS 2.0, we'd appreciate any donations of RM 20 for a copy of the DVD. Do contact us at if you're interested in getting a copy and we'd certainly try our best to respond to you asap.

So yes, here's looking forward to hearing from any of you and we shall keep in touch!

The CAIS Curatorial Team

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